Attorney, Allen A. Sarkisian, represents clients on various felony and misdemeanor cases,
including but not limited to, the following types of offenses:

*Fraud (Credit Cards, Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Section 8)
*Domestic Violence
*Possession of Drugs and Marijuana
*Possession for Sale of Drugs
*Possession or Sale of Unstamped Cigarettes
*Petty Theft
*DUI (Alcohol and Drugs) & DMV Hearings
*Reckless Driving
*Speed Contest
*Suspended License
*Misuse of Handicap Placard

In addition to the above, our firm represents clients in need of Expunging their existing
criminal record, Sealing their record, Reducing certain Felony offenses to Misdemeanors,
and Motions to Terminate Probation.  Please contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation
to review your case. You can also email us at with any questions
or inquiries about your new or an existing case that is pending.